Change the World Projects at Democracy Prep Public Schools

As part of their graduation requirement, High School seniors select an issue in society, research its roots and implications for communities, then design projects to address their selected issue. The topics span an impressively broad spectrum, including issues like childhood obesity, voter disenfranchisement, domestic violence, and period poverty. As they work on their projects, seniors simultaneously take a capstone seminar course, Sociology of Change, in which they explore the philosophical works of various changemakers, learn about proven methods of mobilizing communities/challenging the status quo, and develop a deeper understanding of some of the structural inequalities that must be addressed in order to build a more equitable society.

2019-2020 Change the World Project Database

We invite you to browse the database below to learn about the issues our scholars chose to address this year!

Change the World Project 19-20 Database

Project Spotlight:

"When Worlds Collide"

A play by Marc-Anthony Bullock, DPCHS 2020

From the citizen-artist:

"The exciting part about the [artistic] process [behind this project] was that I was able to have full creative control on what I was able to produce. I wrote this play by myself and was able to get most of the original cast [from the first production] while also getting new members. The reason why I decided to partake in this topic because I care about the Arts very deeply and it really has the power to deeply affect people’s lives."

The setting of the play takes place in different locations such as MAB Entertainment, Bullock Estates, and The Lincoln Center